The LOMO is a projector featuring balanced lighting (no dominant cyan or magenta) for film and television applications. It can be used both in and outside “filmable” settings. The LOMO offers 3 intensities and 5 different colors. Its sandy texture makes for a natural spread of light. The LOMO can be powered by either 0-10 V ballast, DMX ballast or 24-30 V DC ballast. It’s an ideal solution for shooting on the move, for example from a car, as well as for secondary lighting in a television studio. Thanks to its versatile and nearly invisible mounting, it fits in perfectly in all settings.


  • The LOMO is equipped with a single TLD tube along its full length. The user can choose between 2800K, 3200K, 4000K, 5600K or 5600K.
  • The LOMO can be dimmed using a preferred ballast: 220 V built-dimmer (1%-100%),
  • DMX 512 compatible ballast, or battery-powered dimmable ballast (24-30 V).
  • Dimming does not alter colors.
  • The LOMO is equipped with a “lomo-holder” mounting system for work in any position.
  • Like all our projectors, the LOMO is completely free of operating and contact noise.
  • 6.50 m flexible multicable included. Connectors are very sturdy.
  • If a LOMO projector is plugged into the wrong ballast, the unit will simply not turn on; no equipment will be damaged.


  • Circle : ø 38 mm x H. 68 mm (overall)
  • Weight : 0,5o0 kg.
  • Power : 18 Watt.

Ballast COBRA-LOMO 18-24W: dimm 0-10V

  • Dimensions : L. 540 mm x H. 50mm x D. 50mm.
  • Weight : 1,385 kg.
  • Voltage : 220-240V (Europe) ou 110 V (USA – Canada).
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz.
  • Output frequency  : FLICKER-FREE

Ballast COBRA-LOMO 18-24W: DMX 512

  • Dimensions : L. 400 mm x H. 95mm x D. 95mm.
  • Weight : 1,650 kg.
  • Voltage : 220-240V (Europe) or 110 V (USA – Canada).
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz.
  • Output frequency : FLICKER-FREE

Ballast COBRA-LOMO 18-24W: 24-30 V DC dimmable

  • Dimensions : L. 365 mm x H. 50mm x D. 50mm.orDimensions : L. 385 mm x H. 50mm x D. 50mm.
  • Weight  : 1,450 kg.
  • Voltage : 24-30 V DC (automatic selector)
  • Output frequency : FLICKER-FREE


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