The BAMBOO is a projector featuring balanced lighting for film and television applications. It can be used both in and outside “filmable” settings. The BAMBOO is equipped with two 55 watt PLL tubes that can be dimmed separately. Its sandy texture makes for a natural spread of light. It’s an ideal solution for shooting on the move, for example from a car, as well as for secondary lighting in a television studio. Thanks to its versatile and nearly invisible mounting, it fits in perfectly in any setting.


  • The BAMBOO is equipped with two 55 watt PLL tubes. The user can choose between 3200K, 4000K or 5600K.
  • The BAMBOO can be dimmed using a preferred ballast: 220 V built-in dimmer (1% to 100%) or DMX 512 compatible ballast. Dimming does not alter colors.
  • The BAMBOO is equipped with a “Bamboo-holder” mounting system for work in any position.
  • 8 m multicable included.
  • The BAMBOO-SPLITTER allows the user to operate two COBRA or two LOMO projectors as needed.
  • Like all our projectors, the BAMBOO is completely free of operating and contact noise.
  • It is also a heat-free fixture.


  • – Circle : ø 50mm H. 1185mm (overall).
  • – Weight : 1,450 kg.
  • – Power : 110 Watt.

Ballast BAMBOO dimm 0-10V

  • – Dimensions : L. 540 mm x H. 50mm x D. 50mm.
  • – Weight : 1,385 kg.
  • – Voltage : 220-240V (Europe) ou 110 V (mUSA – Canada).
  • – Frequency  : 50-60 Hz.
  • – Output frequency : FLICKER-FREE

Ballast BAMBOO DMX 512

  • Dimensions : L. 400 mm x H. 95mm x D. 95mm.
  • Weight : 2,350 kg.
  • Voltage : 220-240V (Europe) ou 110 V (USA – Canada).
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz.
  • Output frequency : FLICKER-FREE
  • The BAMBOO DMX automatically adds the following DMX address to the one chosen to drive the two lamps separately.


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