Kika (avec toile)

The KIKA projector is highly popular as the most lightweight lantern on the market for both daylight and artificial lighting. Its spherical shape offers the ultimate in soft frontal lighting results. The lightweight unit can be suspended over 4 m high, with 24-30 V battery power offering unlimited mobility. The kit includes 4 different fabric coverings, 3 tube colors, and both 220 V and 24-30 V power supplies. Potentiometers are calibrated.

Since the KIKA is always used near microphones, Avolon’s trademark no-noise feature makes this unit invaluable.


  • The KIKA is equipped with two 24 watt 3200K, 4000K or 5600K PLL tubes.
  • The tubes are held in place by two springs and can be changed in 30 seconds.
  • The unit’s 4 fabric coverings offer varying degrees of light density.
  • The KIKA can be dimmed directly via the built-in dimmer on the 220-240 ballast.
  • The 24-30 V DC ballast is equipped with the same built-in dimmer. Both dimmers are calibrated.
  • Dimming does not alter colors.
  • A 6.50 m cable allows the fixture to be suspended at a distance.
  • Like all our projectors, the KIKA is completely free of operating and contact noise.


  • Circle : ø 400mm H. 485mm (hors tout).
  • Weight : 1,250 kg.
  • Power : 48 Watt.

Ballast KIKA 220-240 V dimmable

  • Dimensions : L. 585 mm x H. 50mm x D. 50mm
  • Weight : 1,560 kg
  • Voltage : 220-240V (Europe) or 110 V (USA – Canada)
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz
  • Output frequency : FLICKER-FREE

Le Ballast KIKA 24-30 V DC dimmable

  • Dimensions : L. 385 mm x H. 105mm x D. 42mm.
  • Weight : 1,560 kg.
  • Voltage : 220-240 V (Europe) or 110 V (USA – Canada)
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz.
  • Output frequency : FLICKER-FREE


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